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As the proprietor of Flawless Skin Aesthetics, Lauren Hipp began her career in nursing and patient care and, as satisfying as that career was, it was not fully aligned with her passion.

She moved into the specialty of cosmetic surgery while employed by a cosmetic and plastic surgery practice, and quickly became intrigued by the myriad of aesthetic procedures and the dramatic results they had on the practice’s patients.

This experience led Lauren to the field of aesthetics, where she cultivated her true passion – helping people to achieve healthy and clear skin through effective treatment and holistic maintenance.

With her extensive medical knowledge of the integumentary system and a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of one’s skin to overall anatomy, Lauren now helps hundreds of clients with incredible skin transformations.

Lauren is also a certified Acne Specialist with Face Reality and is one of the only providers on Long Island to offer Revepeel, one of the most effective chemical peels on the market.

lauren specializes in helping her patients effectively manage their skin conditions, correcting imperfections and bringing forth a youthful, resilient appearance.

Lauren’s understanding of our skin at a cellular level allows her to deliver exceptional, long lasting results to her patients. She is committed to helping her patients to achieve a radiant appearance through firm and smooth skin. With appropriate consult and treatment, your skin’s appearance will not only look flawless but you will feel flawless, too!